The Goddess Experience

GODDESS began in 2003 as a philosophy more than an attitude. The intention was, and continues to be, the opportunity to create a client experience that is personal, empowering, honest and creative. This sense of purpose is what gives us the steam to power solutions and ideas that are real, practical, affordable and applicable.

Goddess was also created to represent the empowerment and activation of the incredible dreams and ambitions that drive business, no matter what size, every day. Combining experience in change and projects, news and communications agencies and teaching institutions, and dictated by laws and ethics, your Goddess experience combines intuitive and strategic standards of professionalism, ethics and values. We believe this combination is a powerful and proactive way to represent and mobilize a client’s best interests.

It keeps us honest and credible, and our clients appreciate that.

Core Values

Ethical Honesty

We’re hot on ethics and values, since it’s part of journalistic training. We make sure we’re up front with clients with respect to costs, scope, our role and their role, and refreshingly, no tantrums, bait and switch, or surprises.

Personalized Care

Goddess services are based on client needs, personality and business goals and objectives. Many of our clients have been doing business with us for almost a decade. We also become friends with our clients, which makes for a trusted and reliable working relationship.


Each business, each client, is unique. That’s why we endeavour to respect your personal ideas, plans and vision for the future. We’ll listen to you, partner with you through the communications, change and project process, so you feel confident in your decisions.

Constant Communications

Following the processes of project management, Goddess will make sure you’re plugged in to the latest requirements and milestones of your campaign or project. We also take the time to educate you on what you need to know now and in the future for a smooth transition.

Targeted Creativity

Goddess focuses on strategic positioning and messaging that nails your business personality, project scope as well as values of your target markets. Communications needs to be tailored to be practical and impactful the moment it is implemented.

Budget Value

Small business owners and ERP projects require strict budgetary requirements. We keep our rates competitive and turnaround quick, with no added markups. We’ll also makes sure to list all of the costs up front so you know what you’re paying for.

Goddess Experience

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