The Goddess can help get them to the top.

Goddess-P-&-P--Mar-2015-Brighter-NewYou’ve arrived at Goddess Projects & Publishing.
How can we help you be successful?

Quick, effective, friendly, and competitively priced, Goddess has nearly 30 years of combined experience in communications, media, design, change, projects and teaching.

Well-rounded and flexible, we can transfer our skills to any project. Plus, you’ll appreciate that we are sensitive to your budget constraints, deadline and your desire for agency-quality creative standards without ego, temper tantrums, and ridiculously high mark-ups. Now that’s refreshing, isn’t it?

Goddess Services

Writing & Journalism

Your projects and business collateral deserve words that move people. Goddess can craft dynamic message and plans that fit your personality, projects and priorities.

Branding & Advertising

Getting attention requires the right look, feel and message. Think of your image as a new suit…the right cut and style turns heads. We can definitely help with that.

Change & Project Management

Change Management and Project Management expertise can provide guidance and leadership for organizations, ERPs and individuals. Are you ready for your next project?

Teaching & Training

As a professional development and continuing education instructor with Chiu School of Business, Donna Gray brings a practical and upbeat energy to her teaching.

Event & Media Management

The Goddess brings a wealth of experience in media relations, crisis/issues management, and she can even plan and execute your next corporate event.

Business & Marketing Plans

Every business needs a plan. If you’re short on words but long on vision for your revenue and marketing goals and objectives, the Goddess to get you moving.

It is easy to start a project. The challenge is to finish it.

Goddess makes it easy for you to do both.