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Goddess has had the honour of working with and promoting Steinway Pianos, the most popular and professionally keyboard instruments in the world.

Through Irene Besse Keyboards/Steinway Hall, and Steinway Pianos of Calgary, we designed campaigns, brochures, sales sheets, website design and content, signage were among the many items. Event management, promotion of Steinway Hall (located in Irene’s store), cross-marketing with the CPO and regular media relations increased the presence and positioning of Steinway Pianos in the city and province.

One particular campaign, a huge Steinway sale, included a recommendation for a direct mailout to Alberta and Saskatchewan. The response was overwhelming, and garnered over $250,000 in sales over a three month period.

Straja is one of the most unique souls I have ever met. Our first interaction was in the lobby of the old Grace Women’s Hospital in Calgary, with Tangus, her gentle and ginormous therapy dog, in tow. A psychotherapist, art and animal assisted therapist, Straja brings her own brand to healing others, with verbal and non-verbal communication and expression modalities.

Our friendship began when I was a reporter at the Calgary Herald, where I wrote several stories about her work and her therapy dogs, such as Tangus, Tumbra.

With new therapy dogs (Twillow Rose and Tala Rain, relative offspring of Tangus and Tumbra), she approached me to create a custom logo and promotional postcards to highlight her Strawberry Moon consulting services, and to draw attention to her specialized courses.

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Empirical Technologies, operated in Los Angeles, was moving operations to Calgary. They needed a new company name and brand identity to reflect the  market requirements. Working with Tracy Pokryzwa of The Design Tipi, Goddess created a new name (signifying “to set in motion”), tagline, and collateral materials such as a company brochure and website.

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